Improvement of transport infrastructure Božanov - Radków

Improvement of transport infrastructure Božanov - Radków
Village Božanov
Project partner
Gmina Radków
Project Improvement of transport infrastructure Božanov - Radków
The amount of budget 1 884 000 €
Grant 1 635 000 €
Project description The project dealt with construction of border roads connecting villages Božanov and Radków. On the Czech side in the village Božanov were fixed communications directed to the state border of nearly 5 km.

The project also included construction of two lay-by car parks Project partner built a new road to the border crossing, including lighting and performed reconstruction of parking. There was a restoration of the old historical links between these communities in an attractive tourist part Zalew.

In the village Božanov communications were made:

  • reconstruction "Communication Božanov - Studená Voda."
  • reconstruction "Communication to the water tank Pod Korunou.".
  • build a "cross-border trails Božanov - Studená Voda - Radków" (parking + communication ended at the border). Construction work for communication for motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • construction "Parking by the Church" lay-by area for parking will have a capacity for 20 vehicles, including a place for disabled people. In the village Radków the route was reconstructed from the county road No 387 to the border crossing Radków - Božanov (Studená Voda) - activities include both repair work surface condition, works from the foundation to design drainage systems.
  • reconstruction of parking - replacement of the surface and marking parking places
  • to install street lighting and park paths.
04/2008 - 01/ 2010
www pages http://www.obecbozanov.cz/
Source of financing the project Cross border cooperation Operational Programme Czech Republic - Poland 2007-2013, Area 1.1 Strengthening accessibility
Activity provided
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