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Foreword by director

The company Regional Development Agency,

commonly known as RDA,   was established on 17 August 2000. The mission of the agency is support and coordination of economic, social and cultural development of the area of Euroregion Glacensis with an emphasis on cross-border cooperation with Poland.
Among the main content is preparation and realization of projects from EU structural funds, various subsidy Czech funds, etc. RDA focuses namely on border cooperation, tourism, cross-border infrastructural development, environmental issues, sports, education and country development.
In practice it involves close of our staff with non-profit organizations.. Our added value is excellent knowledge of local background of the border area of Euroregion Glacensis as well as Polish self-government. Our communicative Polish skills enable us to specialize in cross-border subsidy programmes with Poland.
Our creed is a personal approach to every solution of the given task. . We have more than 20 years’ experience in  agency activities and a number of successfully finished projects in the amount of 3.5bn Czech crowns that have made us a reliable and quality trademark. I dare say that RDA has become a true platform for the cross-border regional development.   
Ing. Iva Paukertová
RDA director
Ing. Iva Paukertová, ředitelka RDA
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