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Euroregion Glacensis


Euroregion Border Bohemia, Moravia and Kladsko – Euroregion Glacensis is an international voluntary association of cities, townships, municipalities and counties operating on the Czech-Polish border. Euroregion was established by signing a contract to createthe Czech-Polish Euroregion Glacensis 12/05/1996 in Hradec Kralové. Registered office is located in Rychnov nad Kněžnou, where also operates the secretariat of the Czech part.

On the Polish side the seat is in Kłodzko. Euroregion Glacensis area represents the largest association of municipalities operating on the Czech-Polish border where it is one of the six Euro-regions. Since the beginning of 2011 the Czech part has had 101 member cities and municipalities and members are also regional governments of Královéhradecký, Pardubický and Olomoucký region in whose territories the association operates.

The main activity of the Euroregion is to support the development of Czech-Polish border area in many regions, among them zoning, cooperation in economy and trade, conservation and environmental improvement, tourism development or infrastructure solutions for border crossing after the accession to the Schengen area. Euroregion Glacensis also manages the fund of micro-projects within the Operational Programme Cross-border cooperation CR-PR 2007-2013 (CBC Phare, INTERREG IIIA), under which grants are provided for small projects of cross-border character, like people-to-people type.

The name of Euroregion Glacensis is derived from the medieval Latin name Kladský border. In the entire territory of the Euroregion there are interesting natural and scenic areas to be found that contribute to the development of tourism.
Region Orlické hory

A voluntary association of municipalities the Eagle Mountain Region (DSO ROH)

The voluntary association of municipalities Eagle Mountains Region located in Deštném in  the Eagle mountains was founded in 1992. At the beginning of 2011 union brings together 23 small mountain and foothill municipalities from the area of the Eagle Mountains mostly from the district Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Individual municipalities are trying to promote through the DSO ROH needs and activities, solve problems together in tourism, transport, waste management, cross-border cooperation, regional development and social infrastructure.

Due to its field of activity by the state border with Poland DSO ROH actively develops cooperation with the municipalities bordering on the Polish side of the border. Individual municipalities cooperate with Polish partners in organizing cultural and leisure projects. ROH DSO is one of the founding members of the Euroregion Glacensis, who is currently an important partner to develop the whole area.

An important landmark in the development of the Eagle mountains was the completion of construction of road border crossing in Orlické Záhoří together with the repair of access roads to the crossing, which were financed from pre-accession programmes CBC Phare in 2002 – 2004. An important connection to the entire region on Poland took place.

During its existence the DSO ROH carried out many joint projects, particularly in the areas of tourism
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