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VIA FABRILIS – the way of craft traditions

VIA FABRILIS – the way of craft traditions

Administration of the Krkonoše national park
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Project partner
Ceramics Museum in Bolesławcu
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Project VIA FABRILIS – way craft traditions
The amount of budget 615 400
Grant 548 000
Project description
The aim of this project is the promotion of traditional handicraft production, which has a broad tradition of the Czech-Polish border. With regard to the defunct productions were built adequate spaces for the permanent museum exhibitions. They were issued themed promotional materials.

The way craft traditions were originated between the towns Vrchlabí and Bolesławiec , where it is possible to see well-preserved 15 stops production techniques of glass or jewellery, or other museums focusing on traditional crafts.
08/2008 - 06/2006
www pages http://www.krnap.cz
Source of financing the project Cross-Border Cooperation Operational Programme Czech Republic - Poland  2007-2013,  2.2 Support the development of tourism
Activity provided Preparation of applications
Complete realization of projects
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