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Terms of use

The Operator of the website www.rda-rk.cz is the company RDA - voluntary regional association Euroregion Border Bohemia, Moravia and Kladsko - Euroregion Glacensis and Voluntary union of municipalities of the Eagle Mountains Region, (hereinafter the Operator), which is in accordance with the law. No. 121/2000 Coll. Copyright Act (hereinafter Copyright Act) entitled to exercise the economic rights to these websites.  It is prohibited to copy any parts of content, appearance or programming code of the website.
The operator issues conditions for the use of the website www.rda-rk.cz (hereinafter the Terms). The Terms apply to all persons who intend to use the site www.rda-rk.cz.
It is forbidden to interfere in any way without the approval of the Operator to the technical centre or contents of the site www.rda-rk.cz. Only the Operator has the right to decide the change, removal or addition of any component of this website.
Some of the information published on the website www.rda-rk.cz is taken by The Operator from other sources which he considers trustworthy. Yet the Operator is in no way liable for the accuracy and updating of published information.
All information published on this website has only informative character.
Only the operator is entitled to change or add the Terms. Legal relations between the Operator and the user of the site which arose before the change or cancellation of the Terms are abided by the terms effective as of the date of such relations
Website terms of use www.rda-rk.cz were published and came into force on 15 June 2011.
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