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Provided services

We will be pleased to inform you about a current situation of drawing financial means from various support funds and advise you on selecting appropriate programme for your business intention.We can offer more than 10 years’ experience in the support consultancy and a long-term close cooperation with public support authorities. 
Support consultancy involves:
  • Providing information about support programmes and grants financed from national and European sources.
  • Consultancy on preparation for drawing from EU structural funds as well as other sources, such as Norway grants or Swiss contribution to the Czech Republic, Czech grants and support funds.
  • Searching for and determination of an appropriate support programme for given project intention and evaluation of possibilities to receive support.
  • Evaluation of business and regional activities from the point of view of future investment activities and their financial ensuring.


Processing support applications

Since 2000 we have been specializing in processing support applications, therefore we can offer several years’ experience in this area. We ensure a whole package of services ranging from the creation of project intention to submitting a completed support application.
Processing support applications involves:
  • Consultancy in the creation of the client’s project intention with respect to the given support programme.
  • Evaluation of possible alternatives with respect to the given support programme.
  • Ensuring communication with the support provider.
  • Processing application, project budget, study of economic evaluation and other relevant appendices.
  • Completion of application and appendices.
  • Submitting application and appendices to appropriate authorities.
  • Defending the project against the support provider.


Project management

We offer a complex consultancy service during the project realization. We put emphasis on individual approach and close cooperation that leads to meeting requirements for drawing support. Our staff is experienced and fully qualified to provide all our services.
Project management involves:
  • Controlling meeting liabilities of the support contract.
  • Processing current and partial monitoring reports including payment request.
  • Monitoring material, timeline and financial requirements and tasks related to business meetings.
  • Activities related to investor’s technical supervision
  • Activities related to work safety
  • Assistance and presence on controlling days
  • Photographic documentation of the project realization
  • Consultancy of project activities with controlling authorities
  • Accountancy audit (completion certificate, invoices, orders and contracts) with respect to project liabilities
  • Supervision of project promotional activities – meeting publicity and visual marking needs
  • Processing final monitoring reports including payment request
  • Processing sustainability reports


Other services

We also offer the following services:
  • Consultancy for regional development strategies
  • Mediation of contacts, representing municipalities in dealing with authorities, public administration, funds etc.
  • Organization and arrangements of congresses, seminars, training, press conferences and related services
  • Preparation and publication of promotional materials
  • Translation and interpreting services
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